January 5, 2022

The Tall Tales of the Strapless Dress

Written By: Alexandra Sferra

The Tall Tales of the Strapless Dress

Blush Bride: Cassie | Photographer: Andra Krista Photography

For some reason, the strapless dress gives us all the heebie-jeebies. It may be trauma from a prom dress, or a favorite tube top we wore back in 2007. The bustier girls think that they wouldn’t stand a chance, and the girls who don’t have as much to show think that it wouldn’t stay up – we promise, these thoughts are wrong and we are here to tell you why!!!

Blush Bride: Lexi |  Photographer: Maddie Baker Photography

A strapless wedding gown (from the right shops and designers – don’t walk into a chain store thinking you’re going to get a fairly structured gown) will do everything in its’ power to stay up and hold the girls in. No bride wants to be self-conscious or have to worry about anything else on her wedding day, and the designers are fully aware of that. If you are sized in the bust line as well as supported properly with the weight of the dress being supported at the waistline, your dress isn’t going anywhere! Remember - These are very expensive, designer wedding gowns!!! NOT your junior year $100 prom dress. They are NOT the same, and the structure, fabric, support and fit is night and day.

Blush Bride: Jaluv | Photographer: Jenny Haas

Most of our gowns, and most of the higher designer gowns have something called a “seat belt” in the gowns. These are an absolute lifesaver, and they make holding up the dress so much easier. They can be anything from a ribbon to an elastic band to a whole corset – and when it comes to the strapless gowns, these are definitely a necessity.

For a bustier bride, you can find a dress with additional structure in the chest area and cup itself, but as long as the dress is supported at the waist, your dress won’t have anywhere to fall.

Blush Bride: Nicole | Photographer: MKF Photo

Strapless gowns are such a classic, and they’re perfect for showing off your arms, shoulders and décolleté. If there is anything you take from this blog today – try one on. Try on a strapless gown in a silhouette you love. Remember, you will be ordering it in your size and you will be taking it to your seamstress once it comes in but your stylist will clip it to your size and make sure you can feel how supported you are, and know it isn’t going anywhere.