February 8, 2023

2023 Bridal Trends Hitting The Reading Bridal District

Written by Alexandra Sferra

2023 Bridal Trends Hitting The Reading Bridal District

This year, bridal fashion is taking a turn for the glamorous and modern. We’re expecting all things big, giving brides their main-character moment in the Reading Bridal District. We’re so excited to see the glitter, the pearls, the over-the-top silhouettes getting bigger and brighter! Think: Opera gloves, pearls covering the hair, high-neck lace and satin, ultra-high slits and bold looks that are making up for the minimalist moments we’ve been seeing since the pandemic. We’re making up for lost time in the bridal world, and it’s going to be HUGE.

1. Embroidery details

It looks like embroidery is on the rise in 2023! Hailey Bieber’s embroidered veil is what sparked interests back in 2018, and now the world is catching on to this beautiful, and meaningful trend. We have been seeing it on veils, gloves, lace gowns, and more! Our own designer, Justin with Justin Alexander Bridal, embroidered beautiful little messages in his wife’s lace gown and we were OBSESSED! This trend is an actual movement, and we are so here for it!

2. Ultra-High Slits

Slits have been a hit for quite some time, but lately we have been seeing even higher slits and they are stunning! Every gown we get in the store with a thigh-high slit, we get even more excited than when we get gowns with pockets! (I know, surprising) Bride’s sometimes even customize their gowns with high slits, when they find a gown without a slit or one that has a typical one – so it’s definitely a thing and we’re 100% behind it! You can find these gowns at Blush Bridal, and other Reading Bridal District Shops.

3. Long Sleeves

Sleeves, of course, never left our racks and we have forever been in love with them but they are catching on to even more brides this year, whether it be detachable sleeves, bubble sleeves, half sleeves or just normal sleeves. They will never stop being a staple, but the attention they have been getting has truly surprised us, and we aren’t mad about it! When shopping for gowns with sleeves, your options are truly endless. You can always purchase a gown with sleeves already on or attached, but if you fall head over heels over a gown that doesn’t have sleeves, you can always add them! That is the best part about shopping for a wedding dress – you can forever make it your own!

4. Gloves

FINALLY, gloves are here and hopefully here for a long long time! We are HUGE fans of the gloves, whether it be solid satin ones, or illusion with pearls – they make such a beautiful and classic addition to your bridal look! You can take them off whenever, leave them on the whole time, or just wear them for photos and your ceremony – either way, you’re going to be the classiest, timeless bride we knew you could be! A lot of people ask us what happens when you put on your ring and brides USUALLY either take one off, or the most popular move – put it on top of the glove. This is where your seamstress comes in. Your seamstress will tailor these gloves to your hand so they fit… wait for it… like a glove. That way, there will not be much fabric between your ring and your finger!

5. Pearls

Oh, for the love of pearls – we are welcoming pearls for another year with open arms! Pearls have been trending for the past two years, and to be honest, they just need to be an obvious wedding statement at this point. Pearls SCREAM bridal, whether they are around your neck, on our gown, dripping down your veil or in your hair – it just makes sense. If you aren’t wearing pearls, what are you doing? (KIDDING!)

6. Bow Details

Bows are the perfect feminine touch to your bridal look, whether it be one giant structured bow on the back, tiny ones on your straps, a flow-y illusion one in your hair, or cute satin ones on the back of your wedding shoes. Bows are trending for a reason, but don’t get us wrong – bows have never been out of style.

7. Minis

Whether it’s your actual wedding dress, reception dress or exit dress, mini wedding gowns are HERE! It took some time for brides to accept the idea here in Ohio, but I think we’re loving the idea of a feminine, cute and sexy look at the end of our wedding day to drive off into the night with our new husband or wife. The fact is – more than one wedding look is a vibe this year, and we are so here to bask in the long white dress, and then hop in that cute mini to run off in!

8. Modern + Clean Gowns

2023 is the classic, timeless year for bridal gowns. A few years ago we had some fun with the boho styles being the hottest trend (they’re still here, don’t worry – we are still loving the boho vibes) but now we’re hopping back on that clean, timeless train and it’s beautiful to see! Monochrome vibes, bows, gloves and pearls go hand in hand with this trend because they usually are all used together – that clean, modern look that we all know and love. I, personally, am obsessed with this bridal era and seeing more and more of our brides embrace this trend realllly excites me! Modern gowns are all over the Reading Bridal District, including us at Blush Bridal Ohio and our sister store, Blue Bridal.

9. Color

I know I just mentioned monochrome weddings being a trend, but here’s the funny thing – colorful weddings are ALSO a trend! Before, we saw a lot of natural colors like browns and greens, but this year we’re trending from one end of the spectrum to the other! We’re now seeing vibrant florals, colors on gowns and veils, and décor!

10. Cat eye neckline

A Cat eye neckline, also known as a peaked neckline, is all the rage this year! This neckline is strapless, with two points on top. It truly puts off a timeless vibe, that usually is on a modern, more of a clean gown. This is one of the unique necklines, where you will not see much of these in the past.

In conclusion, the Reading Bridal District is the ultimate destination for brides-to-be looking to discover and embrace the latest 2023 bridal trends. With its impressive selection of boutique bridal shops, experienced stylists, and breathtaking dress collections, the district caters to every bride's unique taste and style. As you embark on your wedding planning journey, be sure to explore the Reading Bridal District to stay ahead of the curve and find the perfect gown that reflects the most current and captivating bridal trends. Don't miss out on this exceptional bridal shopping experience that will leave a lasting impression as you prepare to walk down the aisle in style.

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