May 27, 2021

8 Bridal Designers for Every Bride

Do you know what style you’re looking for when it comes to your dream wedding gown? Many of our brides do! Some seek an ultra-sleek and modern fitted gown, while others have dreams of lacy bohemian gowns or a soft and whimsical A-line dress. Some of our brides don’t have any idea how or where to begin. When it comes to bridal gowns, there has never been more options than right now. With such a variety of styles, fabrics, designers and bridal stores, it can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for popular styles, keep reading!  

Let’s start with what is important to look for when shopping for a wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Styles

Your wedding dress style can communicate everything from your personality to your lifestyle and preferences. A lot of brides sometimes find a gown that is way out-of-the-box for them, which is such a show stopping option too!

Modern Wedding Gowns

Many brides who consider a more modern style normally choose a fashion-forward option that is more contemporary and elegant. These gowns may include the couture pieces with the unique features like large bows and a chic silhouette and necklines. These brides may be drawn to a designer’s balance of simplicity and elegance, who is independent and unbound by tradition. 

Timeless Wedding Gowns

Timeless wedding gowns are another popular choice. These dresses never go out of style, and whether they are a ballgown or an A-line, their classic shapes and fabrics are always on-trend. 


Vintage dresses frequently feature elements like bold or soft or unique trends of the past. Vintage styles take on lace patterns, draping sleeves/fabric, or fun deco art. Like all styles, vintage dresses can make a statement, and they are a favorite among brides who aren’t afraid to wear their personalities on their wedding day.


Boho wedding gowns are absolutely endless! Frequently, these gowns feature draped lace and flowing fabrics, allowing for unrestricted movement. They can feature an airy whimsical style, or a beautiful bohemian lace all the way down the dress. Bohemian gowns are insanely popular right now, and we are absolutely loving it!

Wedding Dress Materials

Another element to consider while shopping for a wedding dress is fabric. Are you planning for a beach-side wedding in the sand, a formal ballroom soiree, or something in between? Knowing what fabric you are looking for can maximize your comfort and fit the scene for your celebration.



Offering layer-upon-layer of delicious weightlessness, this timeless fabric blends girly with glamour. Tulle is actually a type of netting that can be made from anything from nylon to silk, and while it can be embellished and made into a veil, it is also a simple and sweet fabric in its own right. 



Ideal for a summertime wedding or ceremony in the sand, chiffon’s softness and airness is shimmery and sheer. A dress or skirt featuring chiffon is sure to captivate in any setting, but truly shines outdoors, where a breeze can ruffle the fabric with effortless ease. 



Perfect for modern and contemporary styles, satin contributes sleek structure and support to its dresses. A heavier fabric than silk or chiffon, satin’s drama lends itself to draped styles, ball gowns, and ruching, and is fantastic for fall and winter weddings. The luxurious glossiness of satin will never go out of style. 



Speaking of timeless, silk has been adored for ages for its sleekness and opulence. Elegant beyond measure, brides wearing silk simply gleam. There are many types of silk, including Mikado and crepe, and though they create stunning looks, silk can also provide understated elegance that is appropriate for weddings of nearly any type.



Lace is an eternal favorite among brides, and for good reason! With endless patterns of twists, loops, geometric designs and more, the elaborate textures of lace allow for dizzying options. A bride adorned in a lace gown is an enduring source of loveliness and romance. Additionally, lace embellishments can be incorporated into many types of silhouettes, always to a stunning effect. 





What is meant by a wedding dress silhouette? Though there’s some variation in the industry, generally a dress design will fall into a number of classic silhouettes or shapes. Let’s take a look at three basic silhouettes. 

Ball Gowns

Reminiscent of princesses and fairy tales, wedding dresses featuring the ball gown silhouette flare below the waist or hip, but are fitted through the bodice. This fit results in a shapely feminine hourglass appearance and the classic and alluring look of drama and lavishness.

Fitted Gowns

Frequently incorporating flattering and curve-hugging outlines, dresses featuring fitted silhouettes define “sexy”. Elegant and stunning, fitted dresses can be both sexy and sweet. 

A-Line Gowns

Perhaps the most universally-flattering of all silhouettes, the A-line is a classic favorite among brides of all physical shapes and style preferences. With its fitted bodice above a gradual and relaxed flare, the A-line silhouette lends itself to unimpeded comfort, but without compromising the style. These dresses are ideal for brides who want to strike the perfect balance between the idea of a ballgown and the sleekness of a fitted gown. 

Wedding Gown Price

Not to be overlooked is the element of price, and in the wedding dress world, it’s not always black and white. Let’s shine some light on the concept. Bridal Dresses by Price >>

Discounted Pricing

We know it can be tempting when you come across a wedding outlet, mail-order dress catalogue, or online retailer, to wonder about low-cost wedding dresses. What is important to consider is that in this realm, there is frequently truth to be found in the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” 

When you order online, there is a significant chance that the stunning gown you saw on Pinterest is not, as it says, “elegant ivory satin,” but instead show up in a very light pink hue or made of wrinkle-prone rayon or polyester. It may be hazardly constructed or not contain enough fabric for necessary alterations. 

While there’s always a chance that you may come across the dress of your dreams and that it may show up and exceed expectations, we advise that if you select to pursue a lower-end wedding dress outlet or online shop, that your expectations start low, and that if you do attempt this option, you do so with enough time in advance to replace it with confidence, should you need to.

Medium Pricing

In the scale between low-end and high-end lie medium-priced wedding dresses. In this range, you are more likely to score a quality product that fits well, is well-crafted, and is able to be altered to your liking. Dresses in the medium price range can be machine- or hand-made and may be embellished or more simple. We advise brides-to-be to be selective with their dress no matter what the price, so always be sure to look for bumps or irregularities in fabric, though the likelihood of this tends to go down as prices go up.

Additionally, although you’re not spending the high prices that suggest luxurious fabrics and intricate embellishments, your shopping experience is likely to result in the product you had expected, and certainly nothing less.

High-end Pricing

For brides for whom their dress is the most important aspect of their day, we advise to look into high-end pricing. When you shop for dresses from boutique shops and from well-known designers, you are more likely to encounter and be helped by highly-trained bridal stylists who can advise you on fit, style, and more. A bridal stylist is someone who listens to you, someone who picks out the best bridal gown for you and gives you expert advice/suggestions when you ask for it.

And while the dress-shopping experience can be important, the dresses at the higher-end of the price range are also more likely to be higher-quality because they’re typically handmade to order, made of more extravagant fabrics, and incorporate classier materials. 

Of course, these luxuries come with a price, and for brides who are on a tighter budget, helpful stylists can frequently find a medium-priced alternative that doesn’t compromise the appearance of extravagance. 

Bridal Designer Lines

Now that we’ve covered the basic elements to consider when starting the wedding dress shopping experience, let’s explore some wedding dress designers and their individual lines. Most of these designers emerge with both a spring/summer collection and a fall/winter collection each year, and you can be sure to find the newest fashions at Blush Bridal. Read on for some of our favorite designer lines that we currently carry. 

Justin Alexander

For brides looking to mix luxury with a bit of refined vintage flair, Justin Alexander is the designer for you. While the gowns in this collection bring to mind the allure of the 1950’s and 1960’s, they blend classic trends with timeless fashion. For brides looking to express a bit of understated glamour and who value distinctive dressmaking, try a Justin Alexander gown. 

Justin Alexander line dresses are available in trumpet, A-line, ball gown, fit and flare, and mermaid silhouettes, and are priced in the medium and high-end range, generally falling from $1,400-$2,800. 

You can learn more about this line at:

View our Justin Alexander gallery here: 

Since the mid 1940’s, Justin Alexander has influenced wedding fashion for brides seeking contemporary styles. The designer’s exceptional craftsmanship expanded to offer a number of lines, including Justin Alexander Signature, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, and Adore by Justin Alexander. Read on to explore these lines and a few other favorites at Blush Bridal. 

Signature by Justin Alexander (designer line)

Signature by Justin Alexander provides the dress for the confident woman. Known for its fashion-forward yet timeless designs, this line pairs the clean, modern look with trend-setting details. From high-end fabrics and ornate beadwork to illusion sleeves and necklines, the Signature line is sure to turn heads. When you try on a Signature by Justin Alexander gown at Blush Bridal, you’ll instantly feel emboldened and self-assured. 

Running from medium to high prices that generally fall in the $1,500- $3200 range, Signature by Justin Alexander gowns are only sold by certified retailers like Blush Bridal. 

Learn more about our Justin Alexander Signature line here: 

View our Signature by Justin Alexander gallery here >> 

Lillian West

Known for its boho flair, Lillian West dresses are effortlessly on-trend. Whether it features airy sleeves, intricate lace, or fanciful details, the allure of a Lillian West dress is its romance. Brides in Lillian West seek sweet, sexy, free-spirited and sometimes sassy designs, and with prices in the medium range, falling generally between $1,200 to $2,100, they’re attainable. The Lillian West line offers trumpet, A-line, ball gown, fit and flare, and mermaid silhouettes. 

You can learn more about the Lillian West line at

View our Lillian West by Justin Alexander gallery here >> 

Sincerity Bridal

Another line by Justin Alexander, Sincerity Bridal is reminiscent of fairytale weddings, with its graceful, elegant combination of traditional and refined styles. Fitted bodices, gleaming beadwork, and luxurious laces are mixed with silky contours and distinctive necklines in these gowns, which generally fall in the mid-range of prices, from $1,000 to $2,200. 

With trumpet, A-line, ball gown, fit and flare, mermaid, and straight silhouettes, these gowns will make you feel like a princess. 

Learn more about Sincerity Bridal at

View our Sincerity by Justin Alexander gallery here >> 

Adore by Justin Alexander

Youthful, fashion-forward, and affordable, Adore by Justin Alexander provides dresses that captivate and flatter any bride. With silhouettes including A-line, ball gown, and fit and flare, these gowns fall in the lower and medium range of pricing but don’t compromise modern and confident styles. 

Perfect for spring and summer weddings, Adore by Justin Alexander features designs with light layers, charming necklines, and lovely backs. Many of these dresses are packable and airy, perfect for more informal celebrations and elopements. 

Learn more at

View our Adore by Justin Alexander gallery here >>

Madi Lane

Under the direction of Liz Young, a powerhouse Australian designer in the wedding dress industry, Madi Lane is a brand that is synonymous with comfortable fashion for today’s classy bride. With an all-woman team offering decades of collective experience, Madi Lane has emerged as a highly-respected line that abounds with unrestricted femininity. 

Featuring the sophistication of traditional wedding gowns, but with creative detailing that offers an exclusivity of its own, wearing a Madi Lane gown, available in nearly every silhouette, will inspire you on your wedding day. With prices in the mid-range, from $1,500-$2,500 and many styles from which you can choose, let the professionals at Blush Bridal allow you to find the Madi Lane dress of your dreams. 

Learn more about the Madi Lane line at

 View our Madi Lane gallery here >>

Evie Young

Evie Young, the sister brand of Madi Lane under designer Liz Young, provides lightweight, whimsical gowns that marry ornate elements of lace and style with charismatic and rustic flair. Forgoing the restrictiveness of traditional gowns, Evie Young dresses maintain elements of timeless style, but weave in bold and daring bodices, skirts, fabrics and embellishments. 

Drawing inspiration from nature, global trends, and the joy that comes with celebrating love, these gowns, in A-line, strapless, long-sleeved, fit and flare, straight and two-piece silhouettes, showcase brides of free-spirited distinction. Evie Young gowns fall in the mid-range of price-points, typically between $1600 and $2200. Learn more about Evie Young dresses here View our Evie Young by Madi Young gallery here >>

Sophia Tolli

Another Australian wedding dress designer, Sophia Apostolides, the talent behind the Sophia Tolli, is considered a standout designer in the industry. Perhaps it is due to her ability to create dresses of all styles and silhouettes, from dramatic fit and flares to long-sleeves and vintage gowns. The details and embellishments in Sophia Tolli’s line are never overlooked, and the attention to detail, mixed with a flattering fit for every body shape, make these dresses some of our favorites. 

Sophia Tolli dresses are offered in fit and flare, ball gown, A-line, sexy, dramatic, mermaid, plus size, simple, vintage, long sleeve, lace, strapless, and princess silhouettes and fall in the mid-range of prices, from $1,500 to $2,500. 

To learn more about Sophia Tolli, visit and view our Sophia Tolli gallery here: 


We know that shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming - there are so many styles, fabrics, silhouettes, and designers to choose from! Doing a little research into these elements and checking out some of our favorite designer lines can go a long way into giving you an idea for what captivates you when it comes to wedding dresses. 

Don’t forget, though, that you may discover that what you are drawn to on-screen may not be your favorite in-person. When you make an appointment at Blush Bridal, our expert stylists will guide you and support you through this exciting journey of finding your ultimate and exclusive dream gown! We can’t wait to see you!

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