COVID19 Mess Up Your Timeline? It's Not Too Late!

To the bride thinking it is too late

To the bride thinking it is too late to find their ultimate dream wedding dress… to the bride thinking they missed the deadline, and there’s no way they can find ‘the one’ during this time, to the bride who is uncertain about finding their gown at this time, but may feel that sense of urgency – us professional stylists at Blush can assure you that you aren’t too late! But, there is a timeline, and we need to get on this treasure hunt STAT! The standard in bridal is 7-9 months to find your dream gown, receive it, and then have it altered. Here at Blush bridal, we use that standard time, but we have more options if you are on a shorter timeline and we are here to help!

It is very important to know that here at Blush Bridal, we are taking every and all precautions in order to keep our brides safe, as well as our employees. Wedding gown shopping is such an intimate experience, and it is something we are being told to avoid at this time – but we know better. We know we can still celebrate our brides, find their ultimate dream dress, and forever remember these magical moments just as good, maybe even better! If anything, this time has reminded us JUST how important our role is, and we are immensely grateful that we get to be a part of your special day.

With that being said, finding and ordering your gown is crucial to do as soon as possible. There are going to be delays along the whole chain when it comes to weddings, so getting ahead of the game and knocking everything you can out is very important. Our stylists are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the store’s inventory and what styles are best along with the dresses that can come in earlier rather than later – take advantage of that, and when finding that perfect gown for you, you will be guided on the right path at Blush.

We are so excited to work with you, create with you, and help paint your picture of your dream wedding. We will do everything in our power to make sure you find the one, and get that gown when you need it. Make your appointment as soon as possible, so we can start creating! We will see you soon!

A little message we found, to remember what this day is truly about:

Even if your wedding looks a little different than you intended, the heart of it all remains the same. Keep your story as the focus and keep the wedding revolving around your story. Let me be entirely honest with you during this time – your wedding will not be magical because you had it on a particular date, or because weather was perfect, or because you had the peonies you love or the bridesmaids dresses you like most. When you worry about how your wedding will look know this: your wedding will be magical because the celebration tells your story and because despite a dark time in the world your love is a light and brings the joy we all desperately are craving. - Keri, Always Your Events