Discovering the Bridal You

I half jokingly tell people that finding your bridal gown is a journey of self discovery-but, there’s definitely truth to it. It’s often we surprise ourselves with at least one aspect of our bridal look and it’s fun for everyone to learn this side of you! You see, many of us have been molding our idea of a “bride” is in our minds for a long time( most of this is done on a subconscious level). Meaning, my task is to not to “find your dress” but, to help you uncover and achieve your bridal vision through a dress.

Even my “I’m not a dress girl” ladies have some serious opinions on their wedding gown, it’s just about discovering them.

After all, your wedding gown is one of the most intentional pieces of clothing you will ever wear.It’s almost as if a drop of your legacy is woven into the fabric-(DON’T STRESS OUT AND TAKE THAT SUPER SERIOUSLY, the process should still be fun and easy) But, think about it, this dress will be captured in time– the memory of you on this day will be looked on lovingly by all who bore witness to it and the photos of this joyous occasion may one day pass through the hands of your great great grandchildren. Again, no pressure LOL

So, as you do some preliminary research for your gown and collect visuals for your consultant, leave some room for the surprises! Keeping an open mind is crucial! We all know the saying “Don’t knock it till you try it”- this definitely applies here. Don’t hate on a silhouette, lace pattern, train, color, strap, etc…all other gown features… until you’ve tried it on! Remember, this blog has discovery in the title.

We have to dress for what’s best for your body, and sometimes that lace that reminds you of Nana’s tablecloth actually ends up looking incredible on your skin. During our appointment, you may even fall for features on gowns that you weren’t even aware existed! If, you’ve never tried on anything like it, how would you know how you felt about it? Trust your intuition and your stylist!

A bridal stylist is not there to push you into buying dress from them, so, be weary of those “consultants” who push harder than they listen(they can be wolves in consultant’s clothing).  As a bridal stylist, it’s our responsibility to provide expertise and guidance as we work with you towards the common goal of finding the gown for your bridal vision.

I tell brides that I come to work each day with the intention of making their significant other ugly cry at the altar…which is true, but there’s so much more to it. I want you to have fun! I want you to discover different aspects of yourself! I want you to feel confident, beautiful and supported on your bridal saga! Together, we will make our way through your bridal appointment, using constructive “play” to embrace the style that is most authentically…. you.

Now, just prepare for a little self discovery (;


Trust the Process!