February 7, 2021

Ideas For Shopping and Celebrating Local This Valentine's Day

Written By: Alexandra Sferra

Valentine’s day is one of the best holidays of the year, and I say that with a few reasons to back my statement up! First one is obvious – Reese’s hearts. Second one is that it gives you a reason to be cheesy and lovey to the ones you love, whether it is family, friends, or your significant other! The third reason is discounted chocolates the day after for those with the big sweet tooth (like me!). But, if you have no idea what to do or get for V-day, you’re truly not alone. Because same! SO, we here at Blush Bridal took it upon ourselves to search for the perfect answer to your problems!

Now, we want to make sure we are being pandemic-safe, while making this day special at the same time! SO, wear your mask when you’re out, or stay safe at home with your boo.

Our recommendations are going to be all local – our fellow small businesses need you more than ever right now, so try and shop small this Valentine’s Day!

First, lets talk about the best part – GIFTS!

1. Tres Belle Cakes

Tres Belle is giving us ALL the V-day vibes with their snarky cookies, their XO cake pops and their chocolate heart and mallet desserts! You HAVE to check this place out, it is so much fun looking at their featured menu! Plus, we are giving away a $25 gift card in our V-day Giveaway, so make sure you check that out on our Instagram!

Check out their featured menu HERE, and make sure to get some sweet treats from them on Valentine’s Day!

Tres Belle Cakes
Tres Belle Cakes
Tres Belle Cakes
2. Reading Floral Boutique

This place is the place to go for flowers – skip your typical trip to Kroger and get in this store and buy your boo some REAL flowers! Reading Floral Boutique is doing a Valentine’s Day special that includes a dozen red roses in a vase, a Valentine’s Day balloon and the sweetest teddy bear! Who can beat that? They are also a part of our giveaway on Instagram with a $25 gift card!

Check them out HERE and get some beautiful flowers!

Reading Floral Boutique
3. Alley Boutique

Alley Boutique is a cute little women’s shop in the heart of Loveland! They have all the great brands and designers that you can seem to only find online and not in local stores, and they have the most unique but cute accessories! This store is a MUST for your partner, or your best girlfriend!

Click HERE to check them out online.

Alley Boutique
4. Roads Rivers and Trails

Roads Rivers and Trails is THE only option when shopping for any outdoor gear. This shop is HEAVEN for anyone who likes to hike, climb, adventure, kayak and canoe, and more. Dicks or Cabelas? Never heard of them. RRT is the best option to shop for your outdoor loving friend or partner, so go ahead and have yourself a shopping day! Plus, it is in the cutest town in downtown Milford with a bunch of fun shops and restaurants.

Click HERE to learn more about RRT!

5. Vault Designs

Vault Designs is a BEAUTIFUL local jewelry designer and custom bridal and formal consultant specializing in basically anything that sparkles! She is seriously amazing, and can make literally anything and everything. We are so obsessed with Vault that we sell her jewelry in store, and even have our own line! We are giving away a teardrop necklace in our valentine’s giveaway as well! Her jewelry is the perfect gift for any woman in your life whether it be your partner, yourself, your best friend or your mom!

Click HERE to fall in love with some beautiful pieces!

Vault Designs
Vault Designs

Next are some date night ideas!

1. Redwine and Co.

Redwine and Co.  is a delicious locally owned and operated bar and restaurant in the heart of reading in the Bridal District. They are featuring a yummy cocktail called “number 9” that is a gin and blood orange aquafaba cocktail and gestures love potion bitters from El Guapo Bitters all the way from New Orleans. This place is the place to go for a drink or two on Valentine’s Day! We are featuring a $25 gift card here in our Instagram giveaway so seriously, go check it out!

Click HERE to check them out!

Redwine and Co.
2. Mosaic Climbing

Mosaic Climbing is probably one of the coolest places you can go, especially in the winter. Sure, climbing isn’t for everyone but can you really knock it until you try it? This place is absolutely amazing, containing an entire rock climbing gym that provides climbing for all skill levels and ages! Not only do they have a climbing area, but they have an actual gym too, including a massive fitness room and yoga space, and cycling! Try and tell me a better place to be to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Click HERE to immerse yourself in a baller date idea!

3. Cincinnati Axe Throwing (Class Axe)

Okay, so hear me out here. 2020 has been REAL tough; I think we can all agree on that. So, what better way to take out your frustrations (besides on your significant other) than to throw some axes at some walls?! Honestly, it’s genius and axe throwing couldn’t have come at a better time. Yeah, you all are probably going online right now and hooking yourself up with a reservation.

Click HERE to do so now!

4. DIY Pizza with Taglio

Learn how to make your own DIY Pizza from Taglio, Cincinnati Magazine’s top choice pizza parlor! You can order a pizza kit, which contains all your needs like dough, cheese, pep and other toppings by request! Turn it into a perfect date night with your favorite wine, a cheesy movie and making your own pizza – literally a date of our dreams. Do it.

Click HERE to order your pizza kit!

5. Stirred Not Shaken

Speaking from experience, this place is AMAZING! Stirred Not Shaken provides private cocktail mixing classes on site and the drinks that they have you create are MOUTH-WATERING. I am telling you, after one class I may have turned into an alcoholic, craving the drinks we made! This is such a fun date night idea! They also are are a part of our Valentine's Giveaway giving away a gift basket of champagne, chocolates, treats, candles and more! They also are a full-service bar setup design company and bar-tending school! SO hire them for your wedding or event, you won’t regret it!

Click HERE for the hook up.

Stirred Not Shaken
Stirred Not Shaken
6. The Cheesy Curator

Lets bump up the cheese on Valentine’s Day and get your hands on the best charcuterie board of all time – The Cheesy Curator! This place is nuts (no pun intended), and I’m fully convinced the best “art” EVER. Order a box, board or even a freakin’ table and they will deliver the best thing you ever laid your eyes on. Imagine… you and your girl gang or significant other with some cocktails or wine, the best convos and a bomb charcuterie board to explore… yup I am in! We are giving away one of these cheese boards in our giveaway, so yea I think it is time to go enter the dang thing!

Click HERE to experience the magic of artisanal grazing!

The Cheesy Curator

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