December 7, 2021

Reasons To Shop Small This Holiday Season

Written By: Alexandra Sferra

Why you should shop SMALL for the holidays

Holiday shopping can get overwhelming, especially if you haven’t started yet. Shopping on Amazon, or going to the department stores and malls are probably your easiest bet – it’s a one stop shop, why wouldn’t you!? Well, that’s what this blog is about – why wouldn’t you.

Shopping small and local has plenty of benefits that may or may not outweigh the latter for the average Joe, but it’s worth a shot to let you know these benefits and hopefully it will at least stick with you in the future! Remember, even if it’s not the holidays, it still is super beneficial year around!

Reason 1: The Big Reason – Small businesses give back to your community

When shopping at a local business, you’re also giving back to your community, or town. These small businesses are paying sales taxes to the city and county, when the big box companies do not. The tax money that your local business is paying is going towards your kids’ schools, the parks nearby that they play on, the roads you drive on and the sidewalks you walk on! It also goes towards the service workers like firefighters and police officers near you!

Reason 2: Unique Products

Small businesses have the products you usually can’t find anywhere else! Sure, Target has some cute sweaters but I’m sure half the girls in your town also think so too and bought the same one. Not only that, but the small business probably have more attractive and better quality of things that are tailored around your town or area. Small businesses normally order things based on what is liked in the area, and what the current style is when the big box stores cater to anyone and everyone.

Reason 3: Better Customer Service

If you have gone to a local small business, 9 times out of 10 you were greeted when you walked in, and offered help probably more than once. You most likely will make a connection with the employee and there will be more communication happening. When going to a big box store, it is more than likely you will not get a connection or greeting anywhere. Also, if you are looking for something specific, the employee will probably know exactly what you are talking about when at the bigger stores, the employees are in charge of a larger scale of things and probably won’t be much of help.

Smaller stores usually can order things too, and will make your experience the best it can possibly be.

Reason 4:  Small, Local Businesses Make a Major Economic Impact

According to the SBA, since 1990, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs while small businesses added 8 million jobs. According to a study by Michigan State University, small local businesses are the largest employers nationally, creating two out of every three new jobs, and employ 52% of the nations employees! The more you shop at these smaller stores, the more potential job opportunities that business can provide, and you create job stability for current working citizens in your community!

Reason 5: You Feel Good

Going to local businesses is an actual serotonin booster, not kidding! Not only is it a breath of fresh air, but knowing you are giving your money to your local business is knowing you’re helping put someone’s kid through college, or helping pay for someone’s Christmas toys. Your meal at the local pizza joint helped someone pay for his or her gas to visit their grandchildren, or the tip you left at the local bridal shop helped someone pay for their kids’ school supplies. Shopping small is knowing where your money is going, not only for the special products you’re buying but also to your community.

If all of these benefits and reasons weren’t enough to push you towards shopping small this holiday season (better yet, year around), then consider this: put your money where your home is. Whatever home may be to you whether it’s college up state, your parents’ house, your cozy loft apartment or your dream home with your family – put your money there.

You live in a community that has beautiful things all around you! Explore those shops; explore what your very own neighborhood has to offer because they need you now more than ever. Help grow your community by shopping local and give the hard-working local businesses owners in your town get what they deserve this holiday season!