The Brides Guide to Finding The Dress

So, you may have found yourself scrolling on Pinterest, looking at these models in these gorgeous gowns, and almost every single dress you think “hey… that could be the one”. Here at Blush, we see it all the time and we are here to help you! Picking out a dress is always extremely hard, which is why this is our specialty. If it was as easy as seeing a picture on Pinterest, we wouldn’t have our jobs! Now, we’re not going to give out all of our secrets, but here are the basics that all brides should be aware of when searching for “the one”.

1. Wedding Style

When searching for your gown, the thing that you need to know is what kind of style you’re going for. If the wedding is held outdoors or indoors, or if the reception is going to be small and intimate or big and grand. Asking yourself these questions will lead you to an all-around general idea as to what style you are looking for. You’re the bride, and we’re not here to tell you what you can and cannot wear, but wearing a beaded ball gown to a bohemian outdoor wedding may not work as you imagine it to.

2. The Season

When making an appointment with Blush, the first thing we will ask you is the wedding date. We ask for it not only because we’re nosey and need to know every, and all details, but also because we absolutely need to know the season to find you your dress. The fabric on a gown really matters when it comes to the season of your wedding, especially if it is outdoors on a hot summer day. Also, if it is a spring wedding, we may want to show you some spring floral lace details, etc.

3. Location of the Wedding

Okay so, along with the date, the location is so important as well! We will always ask you where you are getting married. If you are getting married in a church, you may want to find a dress that is a little more modest without showing too much skin, whereas if you’re having it outside in the pines of Montana, you may want to find a light and airy dress or even a boho style. If you’re having a beach wedding, a long sleeve or ball gown may not be the way to go. Location. Is. Everything!

4. Body Type

So, body type. This one is always tricky because a bride can be in love with a certain style dress, she has her mind made up before trying it on and it may not look like how it did on the model off of Pinterest. Sometimes, brides get discouraged or confused because of this. Each dress in our store is a completely different dress on each and every bride, and I think that is one of the best things about a wedding dress.

An A-line gown is slim on top, fitted throughout the waist, and softly flaring away from the body. This silhouette is flattering to mostly all body types.

A ball gown is the classic choice for a formal wedding, with a boned bodice and a full skirt supported by crinolines.

An empire dress features a high wait that hits just under the bust line. This dress can camouflage a short waist and heavier lower body.

A mermaid or trumpet style clings to your figure, hugging the torso and abruptly flaring out from the knee.

Also, to keep in mind, are the necklines, waistlines, and sleeve styles. Blush has got you covered when it comes to what looks best on each body style, and we will find you THE dress that will fit you like it was tailor made for you!

5. Budget

Ok fine, we may or may not play the 20 questions game with you when you walk into our store. We always want to make sure we know the budget, mostly because we don’t want you to fall in love with a gown and then find out it is out-of-budget after the fact. We want to make sure you walk into our store, feeling comfortable knowing there isn’t anything standing in the way of falling in love with the gowns we pick for you!

Basically, we know our stuff, and we cannot wait to find you the dress you are going to marry the love of your life in! We also cannot wait to meet you and hear all about your engagement and wedding plans when you get here! Lets open up a bottle of bubbly and find you a wedding dress!