What is a Micro Wedding?

First of all, what is a Micro Wedding? Simply put, a micro wedding is an intimate, extra small wedding. It takes the concept of a big planned wedding and shrinks it down to a miniature version of about 20 people (give or take). It takes the traditional elements of a large wedding and the affordability and intimacy of an elopement, plus you get your closest friends and family involved. There are endless benefits of having a micro wedding, and we are here to spill the tea.

Before planning a micro wedding, you may want to consider if it is the right fit for you. Here are some hints that may lead you to consider one…

- If you are okay with only having your closest friends and family witness your marriage

- If you are leaning towards a more laid back and relaxed event

- If you want something a-little more intimate and genuine to you and your partner

- If you are interested in something more affordable, but still want to splurge on the little details

- If you are more of an introvert

Now that we listed some points that may spark your interest, here are the benefits of the trendy micro weddings!

According to, the national average wedding cost averages at 33,900, not including the honeymoon… Oof. Couples feel that most of the money is pointed towards their guests, and having a large wedding, that dollar amount may hit you in the face real hard. Couples normally spend on average around $268 per person, so I think the new micro wedding trend is looking pretty great right now. Spending less money on your guests, and more on the decorations and details, or even a bomb honeymoon means more attention on you as a couple. It will allow you to splurge on that 90’s band you love, or the boho wedding of your dreams with the smallest details, or that trip to Hawaii you have been wanting to go on.

During your special day, it will be all about you and not about getting to all 150 guests in the room. I am sure you really wanted to sit down with Aunt Linda you haven’t seen in 3 years and talk about the new linens she bought for her dining room table, but you could use that time to soak up your romantic day with your new hubby or wifey on the dance floor.

The best part, is there are no expectations! A micro wedding is the best way to get all the perks of a traditional wedding with a lot less pressure. No one is going into this wedding expecting a thing, besides you and your hunny saying I do, and everything centering around the fact. This wedding will have the two of you written ALL over it, and it will be so much more relaxed on your side and the guests.

The timeline will be more manageable, with a lot less work to do and a whole lot more of soaking up the engagement experience. You could even opt for a short engagement and get the ball rolling – that is the beauty of it all, there’s no limitations!

If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out and grab this opportunity. Having fewer people attend your special day can mean spending more quality time with those who mean the most, along with making the day more about you and your partner. Your wedding funds can go further, and you will have much more time to enjoy your own wedding without feeling pressured. The beauty of this all is that it is now getting normalized, where people are not getting offended for not being invited because this trend is taking over. It is understood and celebrated!