Your Long Distance Pal & Her Hurting Heart

How to help her heal from a thousand miles away

Here’s a few thoughts to let your girl know you’re with her-even if you can’t physically be there! All ideas are inspired by my ladies scattered throughout the country, who I value more than gold!

Be cheesy!

Send her a love note made for everyone’s weak spot-pizza! Look up what’s around your friend’s area and give them a call! Paying and tipping over the phone is easy and many pizza places love to “melt hearts” with a personalized pizza! Delivering a delicious surprise is sure to remind her someone cares! Plus, the mama bear/worrier in you will be “killing two birds with one stone” by making sure she’s eating something!

Call her!

Call her, call her and call her again! Just because you can’t be there, doesn’t mean she can’t talk to you anytime she needs! Reach out to her often to let her know that she has you! Oftentimes when we go through a bad break up we feel as if we can be emotional burden to others,but that simply isn’t the case! Remind her of that by being her shoulder to cry on!

Send her a little love in the mail!

No one gets excited about mail anymore, because quite frankly, as adults, we get a lot of bills so send her a smile! It could be anything from a care package equipped with snarky cookies and Beyonce’s Lemonade to an inspired letter or drawing.

Send fresh cut flowers to her work!

Guaranteed to brighten her day! It will be the perfect reminder that she is a strong, independent woman perfectly capable of happiness beyond the tears.

Plan a trip to see one another!

Sometimes, you really just need to see each other. On dark days, it’s little light at the end of the tunnel. Planning a couple days together will give you both something to look forward to-it doesn’t have to be a lavish excursion. Laughter is the best medicine, so combine that with binge watching New Girl and you’ll be in for some much needed girl time.