How To Change Your Name After You Say “I Do”!

Now that you have gone through the entire wedding planning process, you’ve walked down the aisle, and celebrated with those who matter most, it is time to change that name! Just a warning, it is a little time consuming and you may be sitting on hold for a bit, but if you follow this guide, it will be MUCH less of a headache than it needs to be. We will cover what to do first, what to expect, and exactly what you need to bring with you or have in front of you to make it much more of an easy task. Don’t worry;we’ve got you covered.

1.     Pick up your marriage license and certified copies


Your marriage license and the certified copies are the absolute most important part, and you literally can’t do anything without them.When applying for your marriage license, ask to purchase a few certified copies in advance so you are ahead of the game. Once you get your marriage license,put it somewhere safe and keep the certified copies on hand because you will definitely need them.


2.     Social Security card update


Now, it is time to change your name on your social security card. You can complete this task by mail or in person when you find your nearest social security office. You can do that here.

Doing it in person is a little quicker, because you can fill out the application right then and there without having to wait for them to mail it in. When applying for your new social security card, you will need the following:


-         Proof of citizenship: a valid passport or birth certificate.

-         Proof of your name change: a certified copy of your marriage license that you kept on hand all safe and sound (usually, they give this back to you)

-         Proof of identity: a valid driver’s license, a state issued ID card, a military card, or a valid passport.

-         Your current social security card


As you bring these items with you, the process should go over smoothly. Make sure you are coming prepared and you’ll be on your way to getting that new name.


3.     Updating your driver’s license


The next step is going to the DMV to get yourself your new driver’s license. Usually, you will want to wait a day or two to do this because it does take a little bit of time for your name to process in the system when you went to change it on your social security. There will be renewal fees that you have to pay, and make sure you don’t look homeless walking in there because you may have to get your picture done as well depending on the state you live in.

Visit your state’s DMV website to print the application form to get ahead of the process before stepping inside. Once you go, bring the application along with this list of documents:


-         The receipt from the social security office or your new social security card

-         Proof of address (if required in your state)

-         A certified copy of your marriage license

-         Payment: some DMVs do charge a fee when using credit cards, so if you bring your checkbook or cash that may save you a little bit of money!

-         Your current driver’s license


4.     Update your passport


You must apply for your passport change by mail. There is a change form that you can fill out that we linked below and mail to the National Passport Processing Center along with these items:


-         The completed DS-82 form that you can find here

-         A certified copy of your marriage license

-         A recent color picture of yourself that meets passport photo requirements.

-         Your current passport (if your passport was issued less than a year ago, your change will be free. Otherwise, there is a $110 change fee for your new passport)


5.     Bank account update


Now, it is time to head on over to your bank to update your information on all your accounts. Remember to ask for both a new card and checkbooks! Usually, you will have to do this all in person and you will need…


-         Again, a certified copy of your marriage license

-         Your sparkling new Social Security card

-         Your driver’s license


6.     Update your employer with your new information like name and banking


Contacting your company’s human resources office or payroll company and updating them on your new information is crucial. Usually, this step people forget and it is very important!


7.     Insurance information update


You’re married now, so you have to let all insurance companies know whether you are going to combine them or not.


8.     Voter registration

Can’t forget to update your name to vote!


9.     Update your mortgage, rent, and utilities

Updating things like this is another step people normally forget to take. Usually, these updates are easy and can be updated online in your account. Make sure you update all info including your name and banking.


10.  Subscriptions


From Netflix to your beauty subscription box, make sure it is all updated when it comes to banking information and name.

Now that you have read all the steps to take and the hoops to jump through, we also have a little secret weapon. Here is a link that takes you to a site to purchase a kit that basically sends you all the forms and information to change your name without having to go to each site and print it out and what not which takes a little bit of stress off of you newlyweds!